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Newpaper Affiliate Program

Obittree works with a growing network of funeral homes and newspapers across North America. The Obittree program is designed to re-establish the positive relationship between funeral homes and media companies, while providing an enhanced experience for the families and subscribers they serve.

What Obittree delivers is a program that links the funeral home with their local newspaper, syncing their obituaries, condolences, and other gestures of sympathy designated for the family. This connection ensures that online gestures of sympathy are never lost, and families receive the most support during their time of loss.

With Obittree, when the obituary is found online, it is no longer simply text on a page that is covered in advertisements, but an attractive memorial website that offers family and friends of the deceased the ability to cherish a life well lived.

As traditional printed media declines in popularity, Obittree offers newspapers an alternative to other online obituary posting sites. Our no-charge posting program allows media groups an easy-to-use obituary posting service where records never go down, and the connection with the local funeral homes and families is permanent.