Designed to Preserve

Cherished Memories
Designed to Preserve Cherished Memories

The Most Advanced Permanent Online Memorial Available Today

Whether captured in images or caught in words, the memories you have of your loved one help you to hold and keep them close to your heart. Our online memorials offer a permanent place to keep those memories.

Visitors to a memorial tribute website can:
Read the Obituary Get Service Details
Leave a Message of Condolence Light a Memorial Candle
Send Flowers Make a Donation
Send a Sympathy Card Upload and View Shared Photos
Post a Story Share the Memorial Website via Social Media or Email
  • Family Login
    Family Login

    Take control of your loved one's memorial website. Through the administration dashboard, you can select a theme to suit your loved one, approve photos and stories submitted by others, upload photos and stories, view private condolences, and send electronic thank you cards.

  • Send Flowers
    Send Flowers

    Our online flower engine is so much more than an online ordering system. All orders are permanently archived in the online memorial, allowing families to see your gesture of sympathy even after the service. Additionally, our smart select feature warns you if someone else has already purchased an arrangement you are looking at.

  • Light a Candle
    Light a Candle

    If flowers are not for you, lighting a memorial candle in memory of a loved one is a compassionate expression of sympathy. Our online memorial candle program allows online visitors the opportunity to digitally light a candle and leave a message of condolence along with it.

  • Send a Sympathy Card
    Send a Sympathy Card

    Sometimes a sympathy card is just what a grieving family member needs. Our sympathy card program provides an opportunity to select from a collection of cards, personalize them to your choosing, and have it mailed directly to the family.

  • Social Media Integration
    Social Media Integration

    We make it simple for you to stay in close connection with your networks on Facebook and Twitter. Every memorial website has sharing tools to keep others informed of updates to your loved one's online memorial.

  • Subscribe to Email Updates
    Subscribe to Updates

    By subscribing to email updates, you will receive two daily updates containing all new stories, photos, candle lightings, condolences, and more.